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Martin Choi expects "brutal" conditions for his debut in the "24 Hours of Le Mans"


Motorcycle driver Martin Choi is ready for his debut in the World Championship Endurance (EWC). He expects the launch of "24 Hours of Le Mans", which will be given at 15.00 pm today.

As part of the Team "BMW Motorrad" Choi will become the first Bulgarian who participated in the EWC. The athlete said that the conditions under which it is expected to hold the race will be "brutal."

"The first qualification on Thursday was accompanied by hail and temperatures remain low for the time - morning between 2-3 degrees, and daily - about 9-10. The forecasts for the first six hours of the race predicting rain and temperatures around zero degrees at night. I summed up the conditions as brutal, "said Choi, who is 24-times champion of Bulgaria and European champions until 2011

In qualification Bulgarians and his teammates - Ronald Resch Austrian and Slovenian Janez Proshenik - recorded the 13th time. In team rated it as successful. Best result in qualifying given the composition of Penz13.com, which has a joint strategy with "BMW Motorrad."

"Both teams performed great. The difference in rankings are primarily due to the type of tire which we drove. We were with tires that will be used during the race, and our colleagues - with qualifications. The main idea of ​​strategists us is to have a team that does laps and came more often to change tires and team, running with slow times, but safer, "said Choi.

Expected "24 Hours of Le Mans" to attend around 100,000 viewers. The race will be broadcast on "Eurosport".

Source: dnevnik.bg