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Ski center for 40 million. Lev 30 km of tracks built near Dupnitsa


In great interest yesterday passed the presentation of the investment plan of Dupnitsa Municipality for the construction of tourist and ski center Dupnitsa, writes in. "Struma".

Hall of City Council proved to be close to collect all wishing to study in detail the feasibility study, which made the arch. Emil Lekov, the man who created the ski resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo, Vitosha and other large projects. Among the guests in the hall were the District Governor and Deputy Victor Yanev. Regional Radoslava Chekanska.

"We have the assurance that funding will be in the amount of 500 000 lev for the detailed design of the Ministry of Regional Development. The realization of this idea is to improve the living environment of the population - the creation of employment, improvement of infrastructure and development of year-round tourism, which would positively affect the economic situation of the municipality, "said Acting Mayor of Dupnitsa Olga Kitanova.

"After we did all the necessary research and studies can safely say that Dupnitsa offers opportunities for realization of this intention," said Arch. Lekov. "We have developed two options, my vision and the recommendation is to start with t. called. shortened version, then continue to the extended, larger-scale second option, "he added.

The capacity of the complex, which includes restaurants, ski slopes, parks and others will have a capacity of 4,500 tourists per day, and in winter you can feed up to 2,500 skiers. Options lifts are two or three such depending on the way in which they take and the method of funding also ski lifts for individual runs. The highest point on the last stop of the lift is 2070-2080 meters, it was clear from the presentation of the arch. Lekov. One option is for a total of 5.1 km facilities and 7371 m runs, and the other option is 13 km facilities and a total of 17 km runs.

"It is possible, of course, a combination of the two, but this is a matter of judgment by the municipality. I do not recommend the construction of hotels and shelters in the area of the complex, as is already worldwide. This should be realized in the settlements, ie villages of Bistritsa and Jerman and Dupnitsa, "added architect. Lekov.

"The project is very relative, because we are still talking about feasibility intention rather than technical specifics and activities by stages. Talk about the indicative reference amount between 30-40 million. Lev and implementation period of 4-6 years", said Arch. Lekov.

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